Already in the 1800s, industry was established at Jordfall, then in the form of brickworks. When this was closed in the mid-60s, the business changed to boat yard.

business started in 2006 and has since grown, which has meant, among other things, new construction of premises for winter storage, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The facility has also evolved to become a pleasant place, with the beautiful location in the Gullmarsfjord, and today we have a well-maintained marina and also nice parking places for motorhomes.

There is also a popular launch ramp for small boat owners.

Today, the company conducts winter storage, boating and boat service.

Find here
By car:
From E6 north of Uddevalla at Torp, drive road 161 towards Lysekil about 1.5 miles. Then turn right at the sign Jordfall.

By boat:
GPS position LAT: 58 19 46 11 ° N, LON: 11 34 23 ° E
From Lysekil, 6 nm into the Gullmarsfjord, "Bokenäset"

Contact us for more information:

Phone no:
Ulric Abrahamsson - +46 (0)706 50 05 10
Dennis Eriksson - +46(0) 704 17 83 32

Jordfalls Hamn AB
Jordfall 115
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